The True “Cost” of the G and F funds

Are you contributing to the TSP? Are you one of the 47% of federal employees who are either in the G or the F fund right now because of its safety? We wanted to shed some light on a few key issues in hopes of you understanding the value of other options that might work better.

For the previous 12 months the G fund has returned 2.03% and the F fund has returned .55%. Did you lose any money in either of these funds? No. Did you still lose when it comes to retirement? Yes.

The key word to consider when you take the “safe” approach with your TSP is inflation or the basic cost of stuff you need on a day to day basis. Do you remember what stuff cost you 20 years ago? Let’s take a look:

Gallon of gas: $1.11

A dozen eggs: $.87

Pack of Cigarettes: $1.76

We show you this to show you that even though your TSP account in the G or F fund is not showing a negative on your statement you are still losing in terms of spendable cash in retirement. On top of the increase in prices the money in your TSP has not been taxed yet either.

We write this article for a specific type of person and hope we can offer you some assistance. Are you an employee that:

  • Wants to make sure your life savings is safe
  • Doesn’t want to have to “manage” your money daily or monthly
  • Wants to earn a fair return that will make sure your money lasts in retirement and keeps up with the cost of stuff you need to buy.
  • Wants to make sure your heirs are protected in the event of your death.
  • Is 59.5 or older or retired

If this list above describes you please take a few minutes and request a Free Benefits Review. You can have the safety of the G fund but have the opportunity for much better returns than the G or F fund can offer. Our “G-C” account has the protection of G with the potential of C in good markets. Special circumstances require special approaches and products. The “one size fits all” approach the TSP uses is not for everyone.

You can request a Free Benefit Review and learn more about our “G-C” account by visiting

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