Postponed and Deferred Postal Retirement

Postponed and Deferred Postal Retirement

Those of you who are wanting out and don’t quite meet the basic requirements need to understand all of your options. This article is for FERS employees with at least 5 years of service and want to know their options for an early retirement.

1) MRA +10:

If you have reached your Minimum Retirement Age and you have at least 10 years of service you can take an early retirement. You will be eligible for federal health benefits in retirement, however you will be subject to a 5% penalty for each year you are under 62.

To avoid this penalty employees who are MRA or older and have 10 years of service can Postpone their retirement until age 62 and can avoid the penalty completely. It is important to note that you will not be covered by federal insurance during the period between your separation and age 62. You would request a Postponed retirement package from Shared Services if you choose this option.

2) Deferred Retirement:

This option is available to employees with at least 5 years of service. If you choose this retirement option you choose to defer your pension until you are 62 (or 60 if you have at least 20 years of service). There will be no penalty taken from your pension, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR FEDERAL HEALTH BENEFITS.

If you are not completely sure when you can retire or what you will get please take advantage of our Free Benefit Review. You can request this review at

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