Military Time

There are thousands of employees who have served in the military at one point or another. Many veterans have the option to buy back their military time.

However, the Post Office has done a very poor job of communicating with employees on their options to buy back their military time and have it count towards their Postal retirement.

Military Time Download

How to buy back your Military Time

We've prepared a Military Time Buy Back Guide to help you through the process. The guide includes important steps and procedures along with the RI 20-97 Form needed for the request.

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Like every other aspect of your benefits the decision to buy your time or not is a big decision. As a general rule we encourage employees to buy their time but there are circumstances where certain CSRS employees have more to consider.

The decision to buy your time and the procedure to start the process is complex and something we can help you do. If you would like more information on buying your military time please contact us.